Opinion | Republican ‘populism’ is a fraud

December 30, 2020 ☼ trumplieshawleyeconomy

Source: The Washington Post - Link

It’s fitting that President Trump’s final days in office are offering a full display of the contradictions, follies, deceptions and plain uselessness of Trumpian Republicanism.

And to make sure that even the ending of the Trump Era is turned into a circus, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), who hopes to inherit Trump’s constituency for a 2024 presidential run, announced on Wednesday he’ll object to the counting of the electoral college votes next week. Hawley won’t stop President-elect Joe Biden from winning; he seeks only to give Trump’s lies about election rigging one more run.

It’s quite the evil clown show. The clowns may win.

Note that DJT wanted a huge give-away of $2000 per for COVID relief. I’m assuming this will come into play later when inflationary pressures take hold as the economy recovers.