Opinion | Joe Biden is overseeing one of the largest cuts in legal immigration in history

July 29, 2021 ☼ migrationimmigration

Source: The Washington Post - Link

Instead, the State Department refused to allow anyone to submit applications until the first day of the new fiscal year in October 2020 — half a year wasted. That meant the government had just 12 months to process applications that often take much longer in a normal year. What happened next is a window into the United States’ devastatingly broken immigration system.

The delay resulted in a mass filing scramble in October. Because the United States is probably the only government in the world that has failed to produce an online immigration filing system, these paper forms had to be sent by mail. The government’s mailroom staff had to manually enter each applicant’s information into its system and issue a receipt. Precious weeks disappeared as too few staff attempted to rip open the flood of envelopes.

This is interesting. The “cut” is being forced by lack of funds. The US needs legal immigration. We are labor-poor with an aging population.