Opinion | In attacking Ocasio-Cortez, Tucker Carlson maxes out on hypocrisy

February 5, 2021 ☼ carlsonaoc

Source: The Washington Post - Link

In attacking Ocasio-Cortez, Carlson is following a charade that has worked wonders for his ratings: Whenever there’s an outrage associated with former President Donald Trump, issue a sincere-sounding denunciation; pause for a night or so; then attack the left for allegedly overreacting to that outrage. Ridicule Democrats for their inability to appreciate proportionality and skewer their overheated liberal sensibilities while insisting, “I’m not defending Trump,” as Carlson did the night after the Capitol riot.

This is Tucker Carlson’s MO. There’s never anything constructive. It’s cheerleading or snark with generous helpings of white victimhood. I guess some people go for that kind of thing.