Opinion | Biden is showing the world that U.S. government can work again

March 7, 2021 ☼ bidenbringing-america-back

Source: The Washington Post - Link

The Biden presidency is still in its early days, but it is not too soon to point to its most impressive accomplishment, one that will have major implications for years to come. The covid-19 vaccination program has been transformed. The federal government has established or expanded more than 450 vaccination centers, and the country is carrying out 2 million vaccinations per day, more than double the rate when President Biden was inaugurated. The president says he has secured enough supply to vaccinate the entire adult population in the next three months, well ahead of every major country except Britain. The United States has administered about 80 million doses of the vaccine, compared with the European Union’s 35 million and China’s 50 million. More than 15 percent of Americans have received at least one dose, about five times the rate in China. In short, Biden is demonstrating to Americans and to the world that the U.S. government can, once again, work.

The Biden administration is not even close to perfect, but its a damn sight better than any period of Trump’s administration. Funny how the Democratic administrations have to clean up after Republican ones.