Opinion | Behold the Republican somersaults for Trump

February 18, 2022 ☼ trumpvanceflip-flop

Source: The Washington Post (Link)

Her Savoy-like somersault is less acrobatic than J.D. Vance’s in his attempt to win Ohio Republicans’ U.S. Senate nomination. He has deleted his October 2016 tweet endorsing independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin. Vance has called Trump “noxious,” “offensive,” “reprehensible,” “cultural heroin” and “an idiot.” He has said “I can’t stomach Trump” and “I’m a Never Trump guy.”

Never, however, came and went, and Vance went to Mar-a-Lago seeking absolution. Vance is trailing Josh Mandel, who knows how to be emollient to Trump. Mandel says he decided to run for the Senate a third time because impeaching Trump was unfair. In his Mar-a-Lago audition, Mandel told Trump that he, Mandel, is a “killer” and a “balls to the wall” fighter. As a senator, he will fight, among other things, “atheism” and Washington “cocktail parties.”