Millions are out of a job. Yet some employers wonder: Why can’t I find workers?

February 15, 2021 ☼ economypandemic

Source: MPR News - Link

The problem is that a lot of those openings are in industries that require in-person work, like construction, delivery services or warehousing — exactly the types of jobs now being shunned by many Americans in the midst of a fearful pandemic.

Martin says he has tried it all to hire workers. His company has offered higher wages and even posted good old-fashioned “We’re Hiring” signs.

Julia Pollak, a labor economist at employment recruitment site ZipRecruiter, says Martin is not alone in struggling to find workers.

Most job seekers, she says, are looking for remote work. The problem is that those are not the jobs available right now.

There is a massive mismatch between what people look for in this pandemic (remote work) and the types of jobs available (work in service jobs and light manufacturing).