McFeely: MNGOP shifts from Gov. MyPillow to Gov. Tinfoil Hat

March 25, 2021 ☼ minnesotagoplindelljensen

Source: Post Bulletin - Link

While it’s always dangerous to count out the possibility of Gov. MyPillow, it appears the star of Trump-loving sedition enthusiast Mike Lindell is a little less bright among Minnesota Republicans these days. Posting wacked-out online videos and getting sued for defamation comes with a price.

Fortunately for the Minnesota GOP, it possesses a deep bench of wackiness.

Meet Dr. Scott Jensen, for example.

The former state senator from the Twin Cities suburb of Chaska is going to run for governor in 2022 — his intentions were leaked last week — and luckily for Republicans his beliefs fit perfectly into the party.

That is to say, Jensen made a national name for himself by being a COVID conspiracy theorist. He even captured the Holy Grail of conservative media — he appeared on Fox News with Laura Ingraham!

Jensen believes the 530,000 American deaths caused by COVID-19 weren’t all caused by COVID. Instead, he said, states were artificially inflating virus death tolls to make the pandemic seem worse than it was.

It’s all about hospitals profiting off the pandemic and the government controlling the masses, in Jensen’s view.

It’s tinfoil hat stuff, which now serves as the foundation of the GOP base. COVID is a hoax, the election was stolen from Trump and Democratic Gov. Tim Walz communicates with Antifa socialist BLM aliens through the metal in the eyeglass frames.

How some of these “doctors” ended up with degrees is beyond me. How the heck could they have made it through medical school?