LeDuff: What a joke. Stop-the-Stealers nowhere to be seen Tuesday at TCF in Detroit

November 4, 2021 ☼ gopmichigan

Source: Deadline Detroit - Link

Patriots. Stop-the-Stealers. Election conspiratorialists. Michigan’s Republican Party.

What a joke.

The first general election in Detroit since Trump was voted out was Tuesday.

Absentee ballots were again counted at TCF Center, ground zero of the national conspiracy. Remember? The spooky video of a late night van pulling into the loading dock? The supposed 150,000 fake ballots trucked in during the gloom of night? The slurring white chick sitting next to Giuliani giving testimony to state legislatures about how not a single absentee vote processed in Detroit was legitimate?

I guess it makes sense to protest fake fraud if it’s DJT on the ballot. Otherwise who cares? It’s the same machinery dummies.