Kerry’s claim that ‘we have nine years left’ to avert the climate crisis

February 22, 2021 ☼ kerryclimate

Source: The Washington Post - Link

All these references to 2030 led to the shorthand use of “12 years away” in media reports. But the key date was 2050, when the gain in emissions needs to be halted — “net zero” — to prevent the planet from continuing on a path of exceeding 2 degrees Celsius. The report’s key finding was that action needed to be taken immediately — not in 12 years.

Interesting article on how politicians and the press like to compress nuanced stories down to a few words and completely miss the point. Which, in this case, is that any new carbon is bad and we should stop generating as soon as possible.

He earned two pinocchios for this.

If it’s any consolation the GOP record is far worse.