Judge orders top Trump World lobbyist’s assets partially frozen

May 22, 2021 ☼ trumpshenanigans

Source: POLITICO - Link

“Aside from breaching his contractual commitments to Plaintiff, Defendant has willfully attacked the character of Ying Ma … by engaging in dishonesty and defamation before federal authorities in a federal investigation for which he has been implicated (Plaintiff intends to file a separate complaint on the defamation charge),” the filing reads. “Bennett has attempted to defend his illicit activities to federal authorities by, among other things, falsely accusing Ying Ma, a patriotic American citizen, of being an intelligence asset of the Chinese Communist government.”

Ma alleged that this accusation against her demonstrated his “pattern of sleaziness and illegal behavior” and might have kept her from getting a government job that required a security clearance.

It appears that some Trump supporters like to shoot first and ask questions later.