Job Seekers With Trump White House on Their Résumés Face a Cold Reality

January 29, 2021 ☼ trumpsycophants

Source: The New York Times (Link)

However they choose to spin their experience, the decision to stay in the Trump White House to the very end will create headwinds for some former officials, especially those who lasted until a presidency defined by grievance went out in violence. Mr. Trump may have jetted off to Florida urging those he left behind to “Have a nice life,” but the stigma of his political brand will not be so easy for his former aides to escape, particularly the high-profile ones, or anyone who had any hopes of moving beyond the Trump realm.

There are never any out-of-work high-level functionaries no matter how badly they behave. They always have some corporation, think-tank, or university to hire them. Then there are the book deals.