Jim Crow Is Not Dead… And Why We Should Care

February 28, 2021 ☼ gopvoter-suppressionjim-crow

Source: Steady - Link

The insurrection —in effect, an attempted coup— on January 6 was about the vote. It was about nullifying a historic majority of voters across the country, and a sizable victory in the Electoral College. It is not a coincidence that to a person, almost all of the rioters were white. When Trump exhorted “make America great again,” the implications were as subtle as a sledgehammer to the head. He was thinking of a time when Black people and other racial, ethnic, and religious minorities, as well as women, didn’t occupy the corridors of power in any large numbers. He was yearning for an America when many Black people couldn’t vote in practice, no matter what the Constitution said.

Dan Rather tell it like it is. The GOP can only win if it actively kills democracy. White areas will have more voting machines, shorter lines, vote-by-mail will be throttled, and gerrymandering will be the order of the day. Non-white votes will be diluted.