How to Leave Facebook

June 14, 2020 ☼ facebook

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There are many reasons to delete your Facebook account, so let’s start with the assumption you’ve already made the decision. Here are a few things to know before you press the big “Delete” button.

Actually deleting your account can have some unintended consequences, so I actually recommend a slightly different approach instead. The problem with deleting your account is that you will essentially disappear from Facebook and any of your friends there won’t be able to find you when they do things like tag you in a photo.

Remember, even if you delete your account, that isn’t going to stop other people from trying to search for you or tag you in posts.

Where this starts to become a problem is it opens up the opportunity for hackers to create a new Facebook account with your name, and start to befriend people in your network, impersonating you and infiltrating your friend network. You might think this would only be a problem for famous people, but believe it or not it can happen to anyone. (If you do see an account that is impersonating someone, you can report it here.)

Another problem is trying to track down every website where you’ve used “Sign in with Facebook” and remember to add another login method. Keeping your Facebook account around just to be able to sign in to things you’ve forgotten about later isn’t a bad idea.

So instead of deleting your account entirely, a better approach is to turn your profile into a stub, removing everything from your profile except for a post that tells people where they can actually follow you elsewhere online.

Good advice.