How Texas Gov. Abbott Is Fighting His Own Border War

August 6, 2021 ☼ abbotttexasblustermigration

Source: NPR - Link

The governor was so certain his state police would be locking up multitudes of trespassers that—with great fanfare—he opened a special booking center in Del Rio and cleared out a prison in South Texas and converted it into a jail. Yet for the past two weeks, state police have been making only about eight arrests a day.

Val Verde County Attorney David Martinez, the official responsible for prosecuting the trespassers, says he was told to expect as many as 200 migrant arrests a day.

“Obviously at 200 a day that’s 1,000 arrests a week. We certainly have not approached anywhere near those numbers,” he says.

So, it turns out not to be as bad, or perhaps more difficult, than Mr. Abbott imagined in his fevered brain.