How 2 new Republicans want to reshape the GOP’s immigration agenda

June 18, 2021 ☼ migrationimmigrationgop

Source: POLITICO - Link

Florida Reps. María Elvira Salazar and Carlos Giménez are somewhat lonely voices in the GOP, in part because the migration influx soon after President Joe Biden took office gave Republicans an opening to paint Democrats as soft on the border. But Salazar and Giménez are promoting separate frameworks to overhaul the nation’s flawed immigration system that could help their party build on the surprising inroads former President Donald Trump made with Latino voters last fall.

Both of them toppled Democratic incumbents on their way to winning last fall. And both freshmen want to see Republicans embrace a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently residing in the U.S. — albeit paths that are harder to walk than Biden and Democrats would want.

I wonder how long they can hold to this path? It’s probably the key to winning future elections for the GOP.