House Republicans Have Had Enough of Liz Cheney’s Truth-Telling

May 4, 2021 ☼ cheneygop

Source: The New York Times - Link

The first time defenders of Donald J. Trump came for Representative Liz Cheney, for the offense of having voted to impeach him, fellow Republicans closed ranks to save her leadership post, with Representative Kevin McCarthy boasting that their “big tent” party had enough room for both the former president and a stalwart critic.

Evidently, not anymore.

Just three months after she beat back a no-confidence vote by lopsided margins, Ms. Cheney of Wyoming, the No. 3 House Republican, is facing a far more potent challenge that appears increasingly likely to end in her ouster from leadership. This time, Mr. McCarthy, the minority leader, is encouraging the effort to replace her.

I’m not a fan of Cheney, but at least she’s not a puppet.