GOP lawmakers propose flurry of voting restrictions to placate Trump supporters

February 19, 2021 ☼ electionsgopsuppression

Source: The Washington Post - Link

GOP state lawmakers across the country have proposed a flurry of voting restrictions that they say are needed to restore confidence in U.S. elections, an effort intended to placate supporters of former president Donald Trump who believe his false claims that the 2020 outcome was rigged.

But the effort is dividing Republicans, some of whom are warning that it will tar the GOP as the party of voter suppression and give Democrats ammunition to mobilize their supporters ahead of the 2022 midterms.

This has been a GOP strategy for decades. They will continue this as long as they can along with gerrymandering. At some point it will fail due to demographics. When fairness is re-deployed the GOP will no longer be a national power.