‘Forget The Alamo’ Author Says We Have The Texas Origin Story All Wrong

June 18, 2021 ☼ alamotexasmythdisney

Source: NPR - Link

But the truly perplexing thing is that in the two weeks leading up to the arrival of Santa Anna’s forces in San Antonio, Travis and Bowie are getting almost daily warnings of the progress. They know they’re coming and yet still they stay there. It makes absolutely no sense of why they stayed there, except for the fact that these are men who, by and large, have never been in war. You get a sense that Travis never really believes something bad can happen to him. I mean, the idea that Mexican soldiers would show up and kill them all just seems like a notion that he never really accepted, that somehow something would happen to spirit them all the way to safety. And of course, it doesn’t happen. And of course, this leads to one of the great myths, which is the bravery of the Alamo defenders, how they fought to their death and everything. And when you look at the facts, they never made a conscious decision to fight to the death. There was no line in the sand drawn. …

Destroying the John Wayne version. It wasn’t heroics. It was incompetence. Not only that, Mexico had outlawed slavery and Texas wasn’t having that.