Fauci Pushes Back On DeSantis Comment That Vaccine Is Personal Choice : Coronavirus Updates

September 7, 2021 ☼ faucidesantispandemicvaccines

Source: NPR (Link)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is “completely incorrect” to suggest vaccines are a personal choice with no broad implications, says Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease authority.

“If [DeSantis] feels that vaccines are not important for people, that they’re just important for some people, that’s completely incorrect,” Fauci said after being asked about DeSantis’ views during an interview Tuesday with CNN.

Vaccines have been the solution to public health crises such as smallpox, polio and measles, Fauci said — but they rely on wide adoption to work, he added.

“When you’re dealing with an outbreak of an infectious disease, it isn’t only about you,” Fauci said. “There’s a societal responsibility that we all have.”

It’s sad that Fauci has to deal with idiots like Greg Abbott, Rand Paul, and this wacko, as well as the crazies in the nutjob media.