Fauci on What Working for Trump Was Really Like

January 24, 2021 ☼ pandemictrumpshit

Source: The New York Times - Link

That’s when I started to get into some trouble. The people around him, his inner circle, were quite upset that I would dare publicly contradict the president. That’s when we started getting into things I felt were unfortunate and somewhat nefarious — namely, allowing Peter Navarro to write an editorial in USA Today saying I’m wrong on most of the things I say. Or to have the White House press office send out a detailed list of things I said that turned out to be not true — all of which were nonsense because they were all true. The very press office that was making decisions as to whether I can go on a TV show or talk to you.

The trumpistas in government censoring the scientists. It didn’t just happen to Fauci, it happened to the CDC, NOAA, EPA, FCC and other agencies. If you can’t depend on evidence you can’t depend on anything.