Fauci becomes the political scapegoat Trump always wanted him to be

May 6, 2021 ☼ faucijordangopfreedomstupid

Source: The Washington Post - Link

But Jordan kept going, telling Fauci that the liberties of Americans have been “assaulted” and asking Fauci if he believed that “the Constitution is suspended during a virus.” There’s an important question buried in Jordan’s performance: When can America expect us to get back to normal? But the answer is an unsatisfying one — soon, hopefully — and the question itself buried under all of Jordan’s fury.

Loaded questions. The framing as a “freedom” issue is stupid. American’s have not lost ANY freedom in any way that matters. We can still associate, bear arms, worship, express opinions. Every single one of the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights is still in place.