Fact Checker: Four Pinocchios for the New York Post and Fox News

April 30, 2021 ☼ outragemediafoxharrismigrantswelcome

Source: The Washington Post - Link

The New York Post reported that migrant children from Central America were being greeted at a federally run shelter in Long Beach, Calif., with “welcome kits” that included a children’s book published by Vice President Harris in 2019.

The article ran on the New York Post’s front page on April 24, along with a photograph of a single copy of Harris’s book, “Superheroes Are Everywhere,” placed on a cot at the Long Beach shelter.

Of course, it turned out there were no such “kits”.

The NYT and Washington Post were caught in a similar, but probably not as an incendiary an issue, w.r.t. Rudy Giuliani. So both can make mistakes. The NYT and WP self-corrected. The New York Post and Fox had to be shamed into correction. Therein lies the difference between news and outrage porn.