Fact check: Madison Cawthorn falsely claimed there are ‘zero dollars’ spent on homeless veterans. It’s actually more than $2 billion this year

March 23, 2021 ☼ cawthorngopliesveterans

Source: CNN - Link

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a North Carolina Republican who has a history of egregious false claims, posted another one Sunday on Twitter.

Cawthorn was criticizing a new $86.9 million federal contract to house some migrant families in hotel rooms as they await legal proceedings to remove them from the US. (Other migrant families are being swiftly expelled without a court process.

“The Biden Admin just dropped $86 Million dollars to get hotel rooms for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS yet we have zero dollars going to our homeless veterans who are at a high risk of suicide. UNACCEPTABLE. UNAMERICAN,” Cawthorn wrote.

Facts First: Cawthorn was not even close to correct about federal spending on homeless veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs will spend “more than $2 billion” in the 2021 fiscal year “supporting Veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness,” department spokesman Terrence Hayes said in an email. The American Rescue Plan pandemic relief law President Joe Biden signed this month – which Cawthorn voted against – itself provides significant funding to address housing insecurity, both in general and among veterans in particular.

Republicans lying again. It’s getting to be a habit.