Fact Check: Georgia Vs. Colorado On Mail-In Voting, IDs, Lines

April 7, 2021 ☼ goplieselectionssuppressiongeorgia

Source: NPR - Link

Georgia’s new law moves the state away from Colorado’s vote-by-mail approach, pushing more voters to show up in person. For example, under the new law, Georgia elections officials can only mail out absentee applications to voters who individually request it, shutting down one approach to encouraging mail balloting. And voters will have a shorter window to ask for those ballots. (Georgia sent out absentee applications to millions of voters in the 2020 primary, even if they hadn’t requested it, to encourage absentee voting during the pandemic.)

There was very little fraud and the only thing these laws will accomplish is the restriction of people’s fundamental right to vote.

If they are going to encourage voting in person then there should be a massive infrastructure push to make this far easier and less time consuming: more days to vote, longer hours, and far shorter lines. Maybe we need a fine on legislators of the majority party if vote time averages exceed 15 minutes.