Duluth mayor’s home trolled by Trump vehicle parade

October 3, 2020 ☼ blmminnesotaduluth

Source: Post-Bulletin - Link

Two days after she described the president as a white supremacist, the home of Duluth Mayor Emily Larson was targeted Friday by parading pro-Donald Trump supporters honking, shouting, playing loud music and clogging the street in her Chester Park neighborhood.

Julie Ahasay, 67, is a neighbor and shares a narrow road with the mayor.

“My biggest thing is it’s the private residence of an elected official and this was clearly an attempt to do some mayor harassing,” Ahasay, a local theater actor and director, said. “I think it’s inappropriate.”

The Duluth Police Department confirmed being called to the area at 6:53 p.m. “for a ‘truck parade’ with Trump flags,” officer Tim Jazdzewski said in an email.

A squad car arrived 13 minutes later to find the vehicles had left. City officials declined to comment on the event.

I’m not sure what Larson said was worth demonstrating about, but it is within their rights to some extent, as long as they don’t cause an extended nuisance. They were gone in 20 minutes.