Donald Trump sues Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for alleged censorship

July 7, 2021 ☼ trumpfacebooklawsuit

Source: MPR News - Link

In Tuesday’s lawsuits, the former president accused the companies of violating his First Amendment rights and of behaving like “state actors” rather than private companies in putting restrictions on what people can post.

He has asked the court to order the companies to reinstate him and other members of the proposed class of plaintiffs.

He also wants the court to declare a federal law, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, unconstitutional. That 1996 law says online sites largely are not legally responsible for what their users post. While in office, in retaliation for Twitter’s fact-checking of his tweets, Trump signed an executive order attempting to strip social media companies of Section 230 protection. (President Biden has revoked the order.)

This will get laughed out of court if it is put in front of the SCOTUS.