Does ‘Conservatism’ Actually Mean Anything Anymore?

September 17, 2021 ☼ gopconservatismgeorge-will

Source: Politico (Link)

You’d be hard pressed to think of too many people more warmly ensconced in the “Washington establishment” than George Will.

Over the span of 48 years at the Washington Post, he has authored some 6,000 or so columns during 10 presidencies, won a Pulitzer Prize, and written 16 books — his latest, American Happiness and Discontents, is out this week. For at least a generation, he has been the most prominent intellectual conservative voice in mainstream media, so well-known that he was once the topic of a joke on “Seinfeld.” A week prior to President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration, Will hosted the Illinois senator for dinner and had him drink from a cup that once belonged to Abraham Lincoln; dinner with Will was the ultimate outsider’s welcome to Washington — few could give a similar establishment-approved imprimatur.

This is an excellent article on George Will and how he’s found himself without an intellectual home.