Do Republicans Believe in Democracy? The press needs to start asking.

March 7, 2021 ☼ gopdemocracyvoter-suppression

Source: Steady - Link

It isn’t just actions in Washington. Throughout the country, Republicans are doubling down on anti-democratic measures just because they see them as anti-Democratic (small “d” suppressing big “D”). Most egregious are the naked and overtly racist attempts in statehouses across the nation to undermine the vote (as I wrote about last week in our Sunday essay “Jim Crow Is Not Dead”). This movement isn’t about some mythic “fraud.” It’s about winning elections, even if the majority of the electorate is against you. The lawyer for Arizona Republicans admitted as much in oral arguments at the Supreme Court this week.

It’s a worthy question. They are using fake voter-fraud allegations to kill democracy. They may actually succeed for a time.