‘Disinformation can be a very lucrative business, especially if you’re good at it,’ media scholar says

January 19, 2021 ☼ nutjobslies

Source: The Washington Post - Link

We can’t underestimate the role that disinformation played in giving people a reason to be in D.C. on January 6. Which is to say that many believed and were ready to act on the belief the election had been stolen from Donald Trump. Everybody could see that this voter-fraud cloud was engulfing many, many people day by day, and little could be done to stop it, which is why we end up with thousands of people in D.C. to rally for Trump. Unfortunately, people are going to want to blame anyone else for what happened rather than looking at what occurred, which is that Donald Trump was able to enroll many people in this huge spiderweb of lies, and many of the people who showed up to the Capitol believe in Trump.

This whole article is a good primer on disinformation and why it is so hard to root out.