DeSantis’s effort to blame Biden for the covid surge in Florida

August 6, 2021 ☼ gopliespandemicdeltamigration

Source: The Washington Post - Link

DeSantis has long argued he handled the pandemic better than many other governors. Now he faces a crisis. Whether it is one of his own making remains to be determined, but it make little sense to point the finger at Biden based on guesswork and assumptions, not evidence. It’s certainly rhetorical overkill to assert that “no elected official is doing more to enable the transmission of COVID in America than Joe Biden.”

We cannot completely rule out some spread of the coronavirus because of illegal immigration, but so far we do not see evidence to support his claim.

DeSantis got 3 Pinocchios for this, but it’s a common trope. Republicans understand that nuance is bad politics. The simpler the message, the easier it is to swallow.