DeSantis reverses course as Florida snags federal vaccine sites

February 19, 2021 ☼ vaccinebidengopred-statefloridadesantis

Source: POLITICO - Link

Florida is getting four federally-backed Covid-19 vaccination hubs in largely low-income communities of color, an announcement that comes after Gov. Ron DeSantis initially clashed with the Biden administration over federal vaccine help.

The new sites, which were announced Friday, will be in areas of Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami and Orlando picked through a federal vulnerability index that considered things like minority population, socioeconomic status and housing types. When up and running in roughly two weeks, the four sites are expected to collectively give 12,000 daily vaccines, giving a boost to areas that have most struggled to secure vaccines.

“We hate the Feds until (we get free stuff). But we’ll still complain about Fed overreach.” could be the mantra of every red state.