Deadline Detroit | Michigan Hospital Workers Subject to Violence From Patients During Pandemic

December 20, 2021 ☼ michiganhealthcarepandemicnursesdoctorsnutjobs

Source: Deadline Detroit (Link)

Doctors, nurses and other workers at Michigan’s hospitals have become the subject of violence from patients and their relatives as Covid surges. They’re getting hit, yelled at and spit on, according to the Detroit Free Press, which reports: 

Hospital staffers are joining the inauspicious ranks of other public-facing workers – such as grocery store, restaurant, retail and airline employees – who are being berated and even physically assaulted by frustrated and inconsiderate customers scoffing at and lashing out against pandemic protection rules.

This is sad and a direct result of the right-wing nutjob rhetoric on Fox, OANN, Newsmax, Parler, …