Cub Foods store off Lake Street, destroyed by rioting, reopens Wednesday

February 10, 2021 ☼ economyfloydminneapolis

Source: Star Tribune - Link

The Minneapolis Cub Foods store off Lake Street that was looted and heavily damaged by rioting after the May killing of George Floyd will reopen Wednesday at 6 a.m.

The store at 2850 S. 26th Av. closed along with more than a dozen other businesses in the area, including two Aldi stores, Target and Family Dollar. Both Aldi stores reopened last year. Target reopened in November.

“The reopening of the 75,000-square-foot store represents our commitment to the community,” said Cub Chief Executive Mike Stigers in an interview at the store Tuesday. “It’s about a sense of hope and a beacon of positivity. What normally would have taken a year took six and a half months.”

Several new features have been added in the remodeling after soliciting community input, including a global foods market with Mediterranean, Hispanic and Caribbean offerings.

This is all good news. I think (I hope) that any new demonstrations as a result of the trials and verdicts are much more peaceful. We need to show that we can do that, but there will always be elements that will want to destroy rather than build.