Canada reports ‘significant’ increase in deaths thought to be linked to heat wave in Pacific Northwest

June 30, 2021 ☼ environmentclimate

Source: The Washington Post - Link

Canadian officials said this week that a blazing heat wave that has shattered one temperature record after the next in the Pacific Northwest is suspected to have been a contributing factor in dozens of deaths in British Columbia and is stressing the province’s emergency resources.

Meanwhile, several communities in the interior of the province were also under evacuation orders on Wednesday as hot and tinder-dry conditions sparked out-of-control wildfires that spread rapidly and generated towering, mushroom-like clouds.

Police in Vancouver said they were redeploying dozens of officers as heat-related deaths strained front-line resources and delayed response times in the city. Since Friday, officers in the city had responded to 98 sudden deaths, including 53 on Tuesday alone. On a typical day, the city said it responds to three to four sudden deaths. Two-thirds of the fatalities were 70 and older.

It’s only going to get worse. At some point it will affect food production. There will be food riots.