Black Lives Matter fights disinformation to keep the movement strong

May 26, 2021 ☼ blmdisinformation

Source: MPR News - Link

One post, for example, falsely claims the government has identified it as a terrorist group. Another that circulated widely claimed that BLM activists had badly beaten a group of older white people. That post was debunked by fact checkers who found the photos were of South Africans and had been online for years. It was removed, but Jorden Giger, an organizer with Black Lives Matter in South Bend, Ind., says there’s still plenty of disinformation online designed to create confusion and distrust.

BLM as an organization is too loosely defined to be considered a group. It has a few organizers for mostly peaceful protest. “Members” self-identify. Pretty amorphous. Nothing at all like the right-wing domestic terrorist militias that have formed.