Bill Gates is fighting climate change and covid conspiracy theories. He’s also ‘experiencing the greatest pushback ever in my life.’

February 17, 2021 ☼ gatesenergypandemicclimate

Source: The Washington Post - Link

And so, to make electricity cheap and reliable, there are three different paths. Only three. And any one of them is fine. You can have a miracle in storage, which means a grid storage battery. And we should pursue it as hard as we can. I’ve lost more money in battery companies than anybody, so I’m taking it seriously. But if the battery can only go a certain distance, the only two other solutions to give you reliable power that’s cheap and clean is nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. All three of these paths have huge technical costs, safety and acceptance problems.

Just one quote from a good interview. I tend to agree with him more than not these days. Renewables have issues with storage – batteries. Much more research need to be done here.