Biden Team Unveils New Asylum System To Start Dealing With Migrant Backlog

February 12, 2021 ☼ migrantsbidentrump

Source: NPR - Link

The Biden administration said it will begin phasing in a new asylum process next week on Feb. 19 to deal with a backlog of migrants seeking asylum on the southern U.S. border, many of whom have been waiting in squalid camps in a state of limbo for court dates because of the Migrant Protection Protocols program.

Under pressure to make good on campaign promises on immigration and facing the prospect that a new wave of migrants seeking to escape desperate situations could flood the border, the Biden team said it plans to start allowing in a trickle of asylum seekers – about 300 people per day – from among an estimated 25,000 people with “active cases” in the now-defunct MPP program.

The MPP was cruel. The new policy will be slow and will build up for tracking. In addition there will be a procedure for people to apply from where they are, not at the border. That should, eventually, slow some of the migration down.