Biden’s strong coronavirus numbers reinforce the folly of Trump’s approach

March 5, 2021 ☼ pandemicbidentrumpeconomypolls

Source: The Washington Post - Link

A new Associated Press-NORC poll shows a remarkable number of Americans support President Biden’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic: Fully 70 percent of voters approve of it, including 44 percent of Republicans. These are numbers rarely seen for any president, on any issue, in any poll these days.

They come with two significant caveats. One is that Biden, as a new president, might still be benefiting from the honeymoon that many presidents enjoy in their earliest days. The other is that other polls haven’t shown his approval quite so high on the coronavirus.

I predict that the rollout of vaccines will accelerate past Biden’s initial take and the news will continue to be good. This will lead to robust economic growth and, perhaps, to a drop in unemployment. The latter will be muted because of permanent structural changes that accelerated as a result of the pandemic.