At George Floyd Square, Chauvin trial is emotional turning point

March 4, 2021 ☼ policeblmfloyd

Source: Star Tribune - Link

While rioters set businesses on fire, causing millions of dollars in damage, numerous videos also showed police macing peaceful crowds as they drove through downtown, peppering residents on their porches with less lethal projectiles, detaining credentialed journalists, and shooting rubber bullets at protest medics wearing scrubs with red crosses. Wooster, like Howard, has served in the military.

“If that had been anywhere near a conflict zone, that would have been a war crime. It’s downright heinous,” she said. “I want justice for this community. Show them you can actually make justice happen in what small modicum you’re offering. And if it’s not going to happen, don’t be surprised when people are angry.”

While rioting is always bad, the rioters weren’t the only ones misbehaving.