As virus spreads across GOP ranks, some Republicans say party will pay price for ‘stupid’ approach

October 3, 2020 ☼ goppandemictrump

Source: The Washington Post - Link

President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis shook Republicans like an earthquake. Then came the troubling aftershocks.

There was the positive test result for a prominent conservative GOP senator, Mike Lee of Utah. Then another for Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina. Then the same news from Trump’s campaign manager, the chairwoman of the Republican Party and his former White House counselor.

And then on Saturday, as the president remained hospitalized, came word of two more high-profile Republicans close to the president testing positive for the virus — Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who had helped Trump prepare for last week’s debate.

They should pay for their #anti-science attitude. It holds us all back.

2021-02-26: Later news showed that Trump was far sicker than his staff let on. They were debating on whether to put him on a ventilator.