Arizona ballot review commissioned by Republicans reaffirms Biden’s victory

September 24, 2021 ☼ arizonabidentrumpelection

Source: The Washington Post (Link)

A Republican-commissioned review of nearly 2.1 million ballots cast last year in Arizona confirmed the accuracy of the official results and President Biden’s win in Maricopa County, according to a final report released Friday, striking a blow to former president Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine confidence in the 2020 election.

The report, which was prepared by private contractors and submitted to Republican leaders of the state Senate, went even further than an earlier draft that confirmed Biden’s victory.

In a letter describing the findings, Senate President Karen Fann (R) — who commissioned the process — stressed the importance of the ballot count showing Biden’s winning margin and noted that it “matches Maricopa County’s official machine count”

“This is the most important and encouraging finding of the audit,” she wrote, adding: “This finding therefore addresses the sharpest concerns about the integrity of the certified results in the 2020 general election.”

Karen Fann is putting a brave face on this, and in doing so will likely become anathema to her own party. DJT is already squealing about it.