American Catholics and the Black Lives Matter Movement

August 6, 2020 ☼ catholic

Source: The New York Times - Link

“In the Catholic world, we’re pro-life, right?” she said. “But we were so quick to forget about a man killed in the street in favor of things that can be rebuilt or replaced. This injustice that happened to George Floyd seemed to evaporate as soon as money or property came into it.”

After she spoke out about Mr. Floyd’s death, Ms. Purvis was inundated with videos sent by her fellow faithful, condemning Mr. Floyd with an exaggerated version of his criminal record.

“I thought: Any Catholic who can watch that and not be bothered by it is missing something in their faith,” Ms. Purvis said. Mr. Floyd, she said, “had a right to life. But he also had a right to a natural death.”

It’s sad that some folks view BLM as anti-Catholic. Yes, there are folks in the movement that are hostile to the Church. There are also folks that are pro-life as well.