America’s credibility problem: Reversing Trump’s actions won’t be enough

January 29, 2021 ☼ trumpshit

Source: MinnPost (Link)

These are emblematic of an administration that latched on to electorate distrust of the American political system and international institutions to weave a nebulous “America first” policy. Of course, said policy resembled more of an ambiguous guideline that appeared to define a win for America and for Trump as more or less the same thing. One result of this perplexing guiding light of a policy is that American credibility has been very damaged. While Trump has increased allies’ financial contributions to NATO, questions about the credibility of our commitment to the alliance introduce more uncertainty into the international system. Trump pulled the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal and increased tensions with Tehran without an apparent endgame. From Trump’s actions in Syria to a meaningless agreement between Serbia and Kosovo, we have some strong credibility work ahead.

Fixing all the damage is going to be a slog. That’s a danger for the dems. Folks are willing to wait a year or more for results.