Abbott bans Covid vaccine mandates in Texas, regardless of FDA approval status

August 30, 2021 ☼ pandemicvaccineabbotttexasflip-flop

Source: POLITICO - Link

The Pfizer news on Monday raised questions about the validity of Abbott’s previous executive order banning vaccines under emergency use authorization, but the governor’s latest order bans Covid vaccine mandates regardless of approval status. Abbott‘s order allows for exceptions for nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

Abbott said it was all about not having full FDA approval. The FDA kills that argument. Now it’s about something else.

Abbott doesn’t want to take responsibility for the health of Texans. But it’s not just individuals. Those unvaccinated will infect and kill people who cannot be vaccinated: children, immune-compromised.

We don’t let people drive drunk because they are a danger to others.