A new report in Wisconsin is part of a ludicrous effort to pretend that increasing voter turnout is nefarious

March 2, 2022 ☼ wisconsingopvoting

Source: The Washington Post (Link)

There is no such option and, even if there were, it wouldn’t affect Biden’s presidency. But it is nonetheless useful to consider the argument in this context because it suggests that Gableman found such dire misbehavior in Wisconsin in 2020 that the results of the election could not be trusted.

But he didn’t. He found nothing of any substance whatsoever, as his team’s report makes clear. What he did find, though, is revealing: he found a robust effort to increase voter turnout in the presidential contest, which, since it focused on non-White voters who are more likely to vote Democratic, seemed to him nefarious if not illegal.

Just because you lost doesn’t mean it wasn’t fair. You just didn’t have the right candidate or the right strategy.