Actually, the first presidential debate was terrific

October 1, 2020 ☼ bidentrumpdebate

Source: The Washington Post

Link: Actually, the first presidential debate was terrific

Tuesday’s first presidential debate was terrific. It was one of the best presidential debates I’ve seen in 25 years, and we should be looking forward to the other two.

Hear me out. The candidates actually argued with each other, and didn’t just get in one or two hot one-liners or engage in a Kabuki of consecutive, scripted mini-stump speeches. Both candidates revealed who they are and how they act, and what they think. President Trump posed a couple of fair questions to Joe Biden that Democrats should think about if Biden becomes president. But Biden was fantastic: Under adverse — at times deranged — circumstances, he managed both to convey his main messages and to play it by ear. He deftly tussled with Trump, showcasing his opponent’s pathological lying, his contradictions, his self-absorption, his racism, his abject confusion about his own government’s policies, and his complete lack of interest in addressing the bulk of American voters.

I did not watch the debate. I much prefer to read about it. This was a very interesting take on what most folks called a train wreck.